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Friday, May 13, 2005

Friday Roundup

June Start For .AU Geographic Domain Ballots (ZDNet.com.au) - May 13
.Travel - A New Domain For the Global Travel Industry (ExpressTravelandTourism.com) - May 13
TheGlobe.com Completes Acquisition of Tralliance Corporation (BusinessWire) - May 12
Erie Politicians Fuming About Website (Pennlive.com) - May 12

New UDRP Filings:

American National Red Cross v. wwwRedCross.org, NAF Case FA472006.
Wine-Spectator.com, NAF Case FA470935.
Kasparov.org, NAF Case FA471047.
Pictionary.com, NAF Case FA473071.
eBillyJoel.com, NAF Case FA472063.


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