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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Vint Cerf Joins Google

First Google becomes an ICANN-accredited registrar, and today it announced Vint Cerf will join the company as "Chief Internet Evangelist". Cerf is regarded as one of the founding fathers of the Internet and is currently the Chairman of the ICANN Board.

From the press release:

"'His vision for technology helped create entire industries that have transformed many parts of our lives. We are honored to welcome him to Google.'

Cerf will continue his leadership in the Internet community, and help Google build network infrastructure, architectures, systems, and standards for the next generation of Internet applications.

'Google has already made tremendous strides in making access to information on the web a reality for users across the globe, but we're still in the Internet's early innings,' he said. 'This medium will enjoy wider-spread use than television, radio or phones, and will ultimately expand beyond planet Earth. Google has always believed in doing things differently, and I believe that places us in a unique position to help bring even the wildest Internet visions into reality.'"

What will Google do next?

European Parliament Recommends .kid TLD

Cedric at Nom de Domaine has posted this Italian language article on the European Parliament's recommendation for a .kid TLD.

Today, the story has been picked up in a number of publications.

EU Backs Plan For .kid TLD (TheRegister) - Sept. 8
Redux: European Parliament Proposes .kid Internet Domain (CircleID) - Sept. 8
EU Proposes .kid Domain (AustralianIT) - Sept. 8

Thursday, September 01, 2005

For those who can, enjoy the long weekend

Light blogging until Tuesday, September 6. Take time to spend the weekend with family and friends.

More from New Orleans

If it was not a true life event, one would think Directnic's continuing struggle in New Orleans was a sequel to Escape from New York or some other Hollywood-scripted thriller. Sadly, it's the real thing, and worse for those stranded there. Here's a selection of news articles on Directnic:

Heroic New Orleans Hosting Outfit Battles On (The Register) - Sept. 1
Directnic Stays Online During Katrina (Web Host Industry Review ) - Sept. 1
News Roundup from CNN

Update: The Directnic site is now down. Here's the most recent statement from the Directnic blog:

"11:50 am Update. My first tactical mistake. We were unprepared to accept the fuel when it arrived. The fuel arrived way too soon for us and we did not have all the empty drums down one ground floor when they got here. The driver had other deliveries to make, so rather than waste his time, I told him we'd recoordinate and be ready for him later today or tomorrow.

That's the bad news. Here's the worse news:

All of our providers are dropping. We're down to one. We have enough fuel to keep us powered for a long time, but we could lose internet access soon if our last provider drops.

So I guess what I'm saying is that any moment could be my last moment online. If we do lose internet, Outpost Crystal might have to be abandoned by all but Sig and Myself. I've got to get Crystal out of here safely and relocated to someplace out of this state. I'm working on escape routes now."

Wow. It goes on, read it here.